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Muscogee Nation Businesses, LLC

Quality & Integrity

Muscogee Nation Businesses, LLC serves as a holding company supporting six subsidiary companies, all of which operate as Limited Liability Companies (LLC's). 

Our subsidiary companies provide many different solutions and services in a wide range of areas including staffing, drug screening, background checks, recruitment, HR consulting, business development, surveillance, fire detection, systems integration, manufacturing and so much more.

MNB, LLC and our subsidiary companies are customer focused and extremely devoted to providing exceptional service and solutions for our clients, our communities and to our tribal citizens.  

100% of the revenue generated by our companies are returned to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation tribal treasury department and is used to support social services, nutrition, food distribution, housing, education, child care, elderly care, health care, infrastructure and to further economic development within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Our Mission is to identify, explore, research, engage and form economic development ventures in furtherance of the Nation's objectives to promote the advancement of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and its members.

Our Goal is to create diversified, profitable companies which employ tribal citizens and provide customers with top line products and services; while delivering unrivaled customer service. 

A Message from our CEO

                                                                      Mrs. Vivian McCutchen, a Muscogee (Creek) Tribal citizen currently serves as CEO for Muscogee Nation Businesses, LLC.  

Vivian McCutchen Headshot.jpg
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